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Suppliers that we get the most joy from:

Name Where What Shipping Comments
Banggood Hong Kong Almost anything but we like the electronics, and 3d printing stuff. Hong Kong Mail or DHL
Communica Cape Town, PTA, Centurion Extremely diverse range of general electronics, tools and Arduino No If we had a "radio shack" in South Africa I would imagine it would be similar to this store.
Gadgets 3D Poland / Hong Kong Quality Printer electronic kits, Printers, Filament Expensive DHL but you get it in 48 hours Really good kits and they seem to get better with every kit bought
Mantech Cape Town, JHB, KZN Large component supplier, got a range of over 30 000 components free with in a certain radius Its one of the best options for any electronics components you need to stock up on
Micro Robotics Centurion Arduinos, Arduino shields, sensors etc Never shipping from them Pretty good supplier very expensive.
Netram Durban, KZN Sensors,3D printers, Arduino, Fairly large range of products FREE SHIP OVER R950.00 Pretty good supplier, have reasonable stock levels. Can be expensive for some items so price check them.
Pibot China Sensors, Filament (1.75 PLA), Stepper Motors, Stepper Drivers, Printer Electronics FREE SHIP OVER $116 & <1kg Quite happy with them, they are a bit low on stock on certain things eg. Stepper Drivers
Unihobbies Port Elizabeth (claims countrywide with presence in Johannesburg, but where?!) Arduino "courier options from as little as R19.99", but more likely R45 Anybody used them yet?